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Assistant Director:  Joshua Roberts

Script Supervisor: Candie Connerney

Director of Photography: Mark Hensley

2nd AD: Zach Poulin

Camera A: Toby Bonney

Camera B: Alan Dillingham

Sound Engineer: Kirk Duguay

Gaffer: Will Porensky

Key Grip: Lincoln Millett

Grip: Mike Priester

         Ryan Marshal

Craft Services: Tiffany McLean

Make Up Effects Supervisor: Ashley LaCroix

Make Up: Lincoln Millett

                 Stacey Badillo

Costuming: Michelle SaintGermain Moore

Art Directing: Alan Dillingham

Fight Coordinator: P. Seth Roberts

Wendigo Stunt Team: Portland Parkour


Kevin Raincrow - Ahura Z. Diliiza

Alisha Raincrow - Natalie Young

Police Chief - Bill McLean

Matt - James Paine

Danny - Ben McLean

Rachel - Olivia Jones

Wendigo Chief - Lara Fury

Wendigo Zero - Tera Cooley

Howard - Kevin Thurber

Helen - Erma Jones

Driver Wendigo - Beth Somerville

Tanya - Sheri Collins

Waitress - Sydney Jones

Wendigo Spirit - Lincoln Millett

News Reporter - Sandra Beaulieu

News Reporter 2 - Elizabeth Freeman

Military Leader  - Daniel Fury


Director: P. Seth Roberts

Writer: David Rickards, Alan Dillingham, P. Seth Roberts

Producers: Alan Dillingham, Bill McLean

An ancient curse escapes from its prison to terrorize a small Maine town. Matt and Danny, two brothers prepare for a hunting trip when all hell breaks loose. They team up with Deputy Rachel and Kevin and Alisha Raincrow to put the curse back in its prison, before it's too late.

An innocent hiker discovers the prison, and accidently releases the Wendigo curse. Kevin and his daughter, members of an ancient indian tribe, responsible for keeping the curse hidden must risk everything to put an end to the horror unleashed on Lisbon, Maine.

Action / Horror - 90 Minutes - 2015