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Killatainment was founded by Alan Dillingham, a veteran of the US Navy, with two degrees (one in New Media, the second in Liberal Studies with a concentration of Business and Arts). The company started in 2012 with the production of Killatainment's first short film, Bloody Solstice. This project was the first of many which evolved into several feature films.

Alan prefers to use short films in order to experiment with angles, style, technique, and story-telling, adapting the successes for use in feature film. He also uses short films to develop talent both in front of and behind the camera.

We are excited about the growth potential of this company not only in film, but in the realm music production and video game design.


To produce high quality entertainment products, including; film, music, and video games using local talent. Using art and inspiration to create a viable industry with marketable products of high production value. To build a successful industry and create jobs within the realm of entertainment. To become a self-sustaining, fully functional entertainment studio.