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Assistant Director: Zach Poulin

Director of Photography: Mark Hensley

Editor: Alan Dillingham

Score: Richard DeCosta

Key Grip: Dale Das

Special Thanks To:

 E.A.T. Lobster

Vinland Restaurant


Ethan Fletcher - Erik Moody

Skylar Fletcher - Chara Gannett

Hostess - Tera Cooley

Waitress - Sandra Beaulieu

Boat Captain - Eric Tomazin

Extras - Stephan Bernard, Kevin Thurber, Norma Thurber, Rhad Davis, Daryl Collins, Whitney Zou, Christina Li, Michael Bernier, Ronald StHilaire, Jen Henzie, Michelle Finnegan

Director:Alan Dillingham

Writer: Alan Dillingham

Produced:  Alan Dillingham


This film was Killatainment's first experiment in using CGI 3D models and other various effects.

Short Film - Experimental - Scifi - 2014


​A couple on their anniversary celebration go out for dinner to what they hope to be a romantic evening. Instead, they find themselves running for their lives as aliens invade Portland, Maine.