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Assistant Director: Seth Roberts

Director of Photography: Toby Bonney

Editor: Alan Dillingham

DFX: Alan Dillingham, Nick Salve

Make Up Supervisor: Ashley LaCroix

Make Up: Destiny Mae, Tera Cooley, Shannon Potter, Lincoln Millett, Chelsea McLean

Score: Rhad David

Sound Effects: Tiffany McLean

Photo Ninja: Lloyd Wallace McWilliams III


Bad Mother / Cop - Sheri Collins

Redneck (Gordy) - Bill McLean

Bimbo Blonde - Tera Cooley

Stoner - Jessie Villarreal

Cliché Gay Guy - Lincoln Millett

Unsupervised Girl - Ariadne Rosalyn Passalaqua

Zombies - Dina St. Pierre, Lexus Moody, Ron StHillaire, Jeremy Hoffmanomus, Keith Welchel, Jon Johnson, Matthew LeBlanc, Steve Bowker, Brenda Giasson, Blake Camire, Tim Donahue, David Lane, Sean Hebert, Candi Malinowski, Keagan Passalaqua, Dwight Wilcoxson, Austin Burtt, Robert Nguyen, Brigid Sinclair, Jugger Nault, Chris Meagher, Elder Josh, Maisie Welchel, Olquine Lane

Director: Alan Dillingham

Writer: Alan Dillingham

Producer: Alan Dillingham, Bill McLean, Sheri Collins


In a world where stuff happens, and people do things, sometimes people do the expected. In this story, five people try to survive by expecting the expected. Filled with clichés from classic horror situations, and ridiculous characters.

Short Film - Zombie Comedy - 12 Minutes - 2015