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Completed / Prep for Distribution / In Flagship Cinemas, Auburn, Maine, Oct 14, seven day run, 4 showings a day


Assistant Director: Bill McLean

Director of Photography: Alan Dillingham

Camera 1: Alan Dillingham

Camera 2: Toby Boney

Sound:  Stephen Conicelli

Boom Operator: Lincoln Millett

Editor: Tiffany McLean

Craft Services: Scott Hoffses

Slate: Kate Doherty

Grip: Melissa Barter

         Kevin Thurber

Gaffer: Alan Dillingham


Isabella (Izzy) - Deidre Sachs

Bret - Bill McLean

Katie - Juliana Spier

Sam - Nikolas Whittemore

Tony - Joe Swenson

Linda - Kara Haupt

Martin - Joe Quinn

Annie - Leslie Gorman Trentalange

Derick - David J. Wallace

Susan - Dee Dee Silvestri Whittemore

Police Detective - James Paine

Police Officer - Lincoln Millett

Diner Clerk - Ben McLean

Clothing Store Clerk - Carlarose Dubois

Young Bret - Dalton Chapman

Young Tony - Kyle Merritt

Young Linda - Maya Pierce

Young Bully 1 - Hunter Tompson

Young Bully 2 - Alexandria Collins

DIRECTED BY: P. Seth Roberts

WRITTEN BY:  P. Seth Roberts

PRODUCED BY: P. Seth Roberts / Bill McLean / Alan Dillingham

Izzy was thrust into the foster care system as a very young child after the brutal and senseless murder of her parents. Dealing with her anger and feelings of abandonment, Izzy has made some rough choices that have led her to one final chance to get things right.

In an overburdened system, often times it is difficult or nearly impossible to get a foster child all the help they need. Sometimes, its the wrong help all together. Will anyone believe her, will anyone care?

Drama / Thriller - 90 Minutes - 2015

BAD KID (2015)